The software is available only for registered users:

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The software is for free. However, we require you to provide us an authorized feedback on how it works. To obtain permissions to use the app, please do the following steps:

1. Send a request to Jan Hlavnička (hlavniczka at gmail.com), please use word "dysan" as a subject of your message.
2. You will be asked for filling the registration form and questionaire.
3. After you provide filled documents, you will receive a link to download the software.
4. After a time, you will be asked for a feedback about your experience.

Of course, we will appreciate if you send us your opinions, ideas, or findings also by yourself. The information you provide will be used to improve the method and to present the method in the scientific literature.

The software is currently implemented in MATLAB (Mathworks, Massachusetts, U.S.A.), which is unfortunatelly commercial. You must buy MATLAB environment to execute the app, because MATLAB prohibits generation of non-native executables from our code due to licensing issues. Nevertheless, the application in C language is being developed, which means that we can give you the app in a single file executable without installation. The app is written from a scratch and some mathematical functions are not easy to implement, so it goes slow. If you are willing to wait for a few months, it will cost you no money.