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What is Dysarthria Analyzer

Dysarthria, a fascinating motor speech disorder, holds the key to understanding the neural centers of motor control that govern our vocal muscles. Clinicians trained in perceptual assessment of speech can hear the specific symptoms of neurologic conditions and use it to refine diagnosis and even identify lesion loci.

Today, advancements in signal processing, statistical modeling, and machine learning empower anyone to detect even the most subtle speech abnormalities, imperceptible to human ears. Are you ready to delve into this intriguing world of speech complexities? Our cutting-edge Dysarthria Analyzer offers a comprehensive acoustic analysis of speech patterns, revealing hidden insights into phonation, articulation, prosody, and more.


The Dysarthria Analyzer is not only a friendly software,
but a full-fledged methodology and service including:


Protocols that work on many languages


Recording hardware


Recording software


Data management system


Advanced analytical software









Clinical use

  • Easy to use
  • Interpretable results
  • Automated reporting with visualizations
  • Well-tested and recommended by the Movement Disorders Society
  • Well-documented and explainable “no–blackbox” approach


  • Comprehensive set of parameters
  • Results exportable in tabular format (CSV) readable across all platforms
  • Supported by the scientific community
  • Backed-up by numerous publications

How It Works

First, you need to record the voice of a patient. Then, you can load the audio file into the Dysarthria Analyzer and Click on START button. The software will take care of everything including reporting.

Indeed, there is truth to it, but it's not quite that straightforward. I wrote a whole doctoral thesis on this topic! I am sure you do not want to study any lengthy material, so I have put together a straightforward starting kit for you – no fluff, no nonsense.

Join us on this incredible journey into the field of vocal biomarkers, where science and technology merge to revolutionize medical care and download 'My First Steps to Vocal Biomarkers' that will serve as your compass towards success.

Embrace the future of speech assessment and take your first steps towards unparalleled insights into human health:


Unleash your potential

Whatever is your profession, the Dysarthria Analyzer can help you.

Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Streamline speech disorder diagnosis with objective data analysis
  • Improve treatment planning and progress tracking
  • Enhance your speech therapy feedback with visualizations for greater clarity and insight
  • Empower patients with tailored therapy approaches
  • Objectify your teletherapy sessions with vocal biomarkers
  • Identify, track, and monitor speech in neurological conditions
  • Gain valuable insights into the neurological aspects of speech disorders
  • Utilize advanced technology to study motor control centers in clinical trials
  • Collaborate with other medical professionals with harmonized methods
  • Utilize vocal biomarkers to aid in diagnosing speech-related psychiatric conditions
  • Improve monitoring and assessment of speech changes in mental health patients
  • Employ objective data and knowledge-driven models for evidence-based treatment decisions.
Other medical practitioners and biomedical engineers
  • Expand the scope of your digital health screening system with proven methods
  • Educate yourself with a technology that sets the future trends

The community

In our community, every voice matters! Relevant suggestions and feedback is being gradually implemented to improve user experience.

Our community is small and scattered around the globe, namely in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Croatia, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, China, India, and U.S.A.

Despite our size, we thrive on delivering one key advantage – harmonized results. Many software packages on voice analysis deliver different values of vocal biomarkers even when applied on the same data. Comparing vocal biomakers between centers is hard or impossible when everyone is ussing different software.

Join us

With our software, you can rest assured that your assessments align with fellow experts, ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes. Together, we are building a tightly-knit network that elevates the precision and impact of dysarthria analysis. Embrace the power of collaboration and make your voice count in our closely connected community.


Selected awards

The underlying research has been awarded by the scientific authorities:


CTU Rector’s Prize for publication Speech biomarkers in rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder and Parkinson’s disease by Jan Rusz and Jan Hlavnička et al. (2022)


CTU Rector’s Prize for excellent dissertation thesis by Jan Hlavnička (2020)


Joseph Fourier Prize in computer science (2nd prize) for excellence in performance computing, artificial intelligence and edge computing (Jan Hlavnička, 2020)


Discovery Award for contribution to the extraordinary shift in the field of medicine (Jan Rusz, 2015)

This work was made possible thanks to

Multidisciplinary research at:

# #

And support by the grant agencies:

# # # #
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